Our Donors

Recently patient care at Bayhealth was enhanced by more than $3 million in donor gifts that supported several important initiatives. We’d like to thank everyone who gave a gift through the Bayhealth Foundation in support of these efforts.



As the Sussex County community looks forward to the opening of our new $314 million Bayhealth Sussex Campus in February 2019, hundreds of individuals, families, foundations and businesses have stepped forward with generous financial support. This year your gifts provided more than $2 million to help pay for this once-in-a-generation project. 


Donor gifts totaling $2 million helped ensure that Bayhealth has the latest, most effective equipment to care for our patients. Here are some highlights:

  • More than 90 new defibrillators were purchased to upgrade models throughout the health system at a cost of $1 million. These new devices offer more than the basic defibrillation capability. They have been designed to implement audio and visual feedback that guides rescuers to consistently deliver high quality cardio pulmonary resuscitation.
  • Bayhealth constantly strives to provide the best possible bedside care for patients at both of our hospital campuses. The new Early Sense All-in- One Modular Monitoring System allows our caregivers to electronically monitor a patient’s vital statistics through a contact-free system.
  • The Intensive Care Unit at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus received a $32,000 hemodynamic monitoring system for post operative critically ill patients.
  • Four new bedside and transport monitors were obtained for Milford Memorial. These screen infants for neonatal congenital heart issues and other life-threatening conditions.
  • Donors made it possible for Bayhealth to secure additional ventilators for Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus and Milford Memorial. These ventilators provide life support for critical patients experiencing respiratory failure and those who are unable to sustain independent breathing.
  • A Mizuho Hana specialized surgical table that came at a cost of more than $126,000 was acquired for use at Milford Memorial. Designed for use during complicated orthopedic procedures (such as total joint replacement), this table also facilitates access when X-rays are needed during a surgical procedure.
  • Patients using our highly regarded Inpatient Rehabilitation at Milford Memorial will benefit from the purchase of a Zero-Start Treadmill. Those in need of neuromuscular re-education and gait training will particularly benefit.
  • Two portable reverse osmosis machines were secured with your gifts. These machines are used to purify water for dialysis treatments at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus.


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