Grateful patient and former board member benefits from medical services he helped to create


Robert “Bob” Berglund – former Bayhealth Board member, former Bayhealth Cancer Institute Board member, former Bayhealth Foundation Board member, and former Bayhealth Foundation Chair – has been associated with the hospital system since the late 1980s. Berglund is now retired, but is well known as the owner of the old Dover Hardware, Inc. During his tenure with Bayhealth, Berglund served on various boards responsible for the development of key service lines. 

In November 2015, Berglund went to visit his primary care physician. “Something just wasn’t right,” he said. On a recent family vacation, Berglund noticed his own shortness of breath and inability to keep pace with others. When he returned from vacation, he said, “My daily walks were taking longer to do, and I had to keep taking breaks to sit down.”

Berglund’s physician ordered an EKG and Cardiac stress test at Bayhealth Milford Memorial; the tests showed a significant blockage in his coronary artery. “They sent me to Bayhealth Kent General for more tests and a catheterization,” said Berglund. “Just a few days later, I was back and ready for triple bypass surgery,” he said. Berglund spent his pre- and post-operative stay in the Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care Unit (CVSICU) at Bayhealth Kent General, where he said he got “the best care.”

Berglund found himself in the position of being a patient in an organization where he had served as a board member. When it came time for his own heart procedure, “I didn’t have to shop around. I watched as we recruited expert surgeons. I knew in advance that I was getting the benefit of a first class cardiovascular program.”

Nearly a decade earlier, Berglund had also been a patient at the Bayhealth Cancer Center – another program he was involved in during his time on the Cancer Institute Board. “I had total confidence in them,” he said, and is now cancer free.

Berglund, who has supported each Bayhealth Foundation fundraising campaign, said that he continues to give to the most pressing needs, and trusts that his donations are in good hands. “We as board members always paid attention to the people who lead Bayhealth,” he said. “I can tell you, from being on the inside, that they’re good stewards of the donations they receive.”

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