A lifetime of support: Cheryl Rogers, RN, CPHQ


Bayhealth’s Director of Accreditation Services Cheryl I. Rogers, RN, CPHQ, has worked at Bayhealth for just over 47 years; her first day was Dec. 4, 1968.

Throughout the course of her career, she’s held several positions, working first in the nursery, moving to a Med-Surg unit, then working in quality assurance and performance improvement. In 2004, she accepted the position of Director of Accreditation and took on the task of working on Bayhealth’s Joint Commission surveys all year round.

Throughout her career, Rogers has supported the growth and development of Bayhealth. She is consulted when changes are made to hospital design or program elements to ensure they are in keeping with Joint Commission standards. “I’ve been part of each one of the service lines as they’ve evolved,” she said. Rogers is responsible for figuring out which regulations apply to each new service line and how Joint Commission’s expectations should be considered when planning. “If we build programs the right way from the start, we can increase quality, efficiency, and improve work flow processes,” she said.

As a nurse, Rogers said, “I loved my patients. I treated them the way I’d want to be treated, or how I treated my most beloved family member.” She thinks of her work now as an extension of this goal. “I care about us being the best we can be for the community.” 

Rogers has also invested financially in Bayhealth’s future. “From the first big expansion in the early 1970s, I’ve made financial contributions to the hospital,” she said. “Now, I walk through the halls, look around, and think, ‘I had a part in making all of this happen.’”

Since then, Rogers has participated in every giving campaign for Bayhealth, and has even given for specific purposes. “When I was in Utilization Management we got money from the Foundation to buy scales for patients who had congestive heart failure,” said Rogers. “We thought, ‘When they get home, how will they know if they've lost or gained weight?’ We now have a way to direct giving to support patient needs [through the Patient Care Fund] which appeals to me.”

In December, Rogers finished up her five-year commitment to the Campaign for Bayhealth – Phase II, which began in 2010. For five years, a biweekly contribution was deducted from her paycheck and sent directly to the Bayhealth Foundation. Rogers said, “It doesn’t matter how much you give as much as it matters that you’ve chosen to be a part of something. It all adds up.”

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