A Family Estate Plan Fifty Years In The Making


Young children often struggle with impatience during the holiday season. The 
knowledge that gifts are coming, but that they have to wait before receiving them, 
can be excruciating. Children aren’t very good at planning for or envisioning the 
future, even when they’re told that it will be worth the wait, and perhaps worth even more because it comes later.

Thankfully most adults appreciate the value of waiting, planning and providing for the future. That appreciation can result in remarkable gifts that benefit family, loved ones and even beloved communities.

Dr. William T. Chipman and his wife Pearl provided for their family and the 
communities of central Delaware during their lifetimes. But their ultimate 
demonstration of giving didn’t come to full fruition until recently.

The Chipmans were born in the waning years of the nineteenth century. When 
Dr. Chipman began his medical practice, and Pearl Chipman her service as a healthcare volunteer, their work impacted thousands of people in Sussex County. The couple also elected to show their care for the community by philanthropically supporting several hospital building campaigns before Dr. Chipman’s death in the early 60’s.

In 1967 Mrs. Chipman had a new will drafted that created a trust to provide for 
her daughters during their lifetimes. The trust also stipulated that the remainder of the initial $340,000 bequest would provide for the hospital in Milford after her daughters were gone.

Pearl Chipman passed away 50 years ago. Her surviving daughter died this year.

The Bayhealth Foundation received the distribution of Pearl’s estate a few weeks ago. This gift, planned for five decades ago, totaled more than $1.6 million. It is a lasting and dramatic testament to the generosity of two deeply committed people.

We’re thankful for the support of all our donors and grateful patients. Their gifts, like the extraordinary gifts of Dr. William and Pearl Chipman, are helping us accomplish great things at Bayhealth.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bayhealth Foundation office at 
302-744-7015. Visit www.BayhealthFoundation.org/Ways-to-Give/Donate make a donation online.

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