Our Donors

Recently patient care at Bayhealth was enhanced by more than $3 million in donor gifts that supported several important initiatives. We’d like to thank everyone who gave a gift through the Bayhealth Foundation in support of these efforts.



Generous support that totaled more than $1 million is helping Bayhealth change the face of healthcare in southern Delaware as we build our new health campus. This $300+ million facility in Sussex County is rising from a former farm field just off Route 1 in Milford. Visit ImagineDE.com to learn more about this exciting project.



Donor gifts of $2 million helped ensure that Bayhealth has the latest, most effective equipment to care for our patients. Among these items were:

  • Infants that are born prematurely often require specialized equipment to survive and thrive in their first days or weeks of life. To care for our youngest patients, specially equipped incubators and bed warmers were purchased for our Special Care Nursery.
  • Eight new bedside & transport monitors were obtained to screen infants for congenital heart issues and other life-threatening conditions. At a total cost of nearly $200,000, these critical pieces of equipment will assist Bayhealth in our care of at-risk babies.
  • Twenty high-tech BiPap machines replaced aging equipment in our Respiratory Therapy unit. Patients with respiratory conditions and diseases will now be more accurately evaluated and effectively treated.
  • New bladder scanners for use in the Bayhealth Emergency Department and one of our satellite offices in southern Delaware will help prevent unnecessary catherization which can help reduce urinary tract infections.
  • When a patient requires a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) it is imperative that the line be quickly and accurately placed. Our new ultrasound system device now being used by our vascular access team has dramatically improved the process through improved screen clarity and assessment of the catheter tip location.
  • Although the cost was nearly $400,000, the modern blood culture instrument that is now in use at Bayhealth’s microbiology lab provides more accurate testing of patient blood samples. Results are obtained more quickly, leading to timely evaluation and treatment.
  • Hospital beds that provide comfort and safety to patients are essential to healing. Donor support of $300,000 facilitated the purchase of twenty new beds in our OB-GYN unit. • Our cardiac cath lab received a $140,000 patient monitoring system for use in the prep and recovery areas.
  • Satellite offices in Milton and Harrington received state-of-the-art EKG machines to replace aging equipment.
  • At Bayhealth ENT, Dover, new automated cleaning and sterilization devices were secured with donor funds. These new machines are easier to use, more effective in the cleaning of scopes and safer for staff to use than the equipment they replaced.
  • An automated manikin that simulates a number of birthing related scenarios is now in use at Bayhealth. “Victoria” provides a hands-on teaching tool for OB-GYN nurses, broadening their experience with sudden, life-threatening situations.

Become a donor and make your gift conveniently online here. For more information or to discuss other ways to donate to the Bayhealth Foundation please contact us.