Our Donors

In recent months, the Bayhealth Foundation utilized $4.3 million of donor given funds to support several important initiatives across Bayhealth Medical Center. In some cases donors directed the Bayhealth Foundation to support areas of particular interest to them. Other generous donors instructed that their gifts be used in the areas of greatest need. In nearly every instance, the funded programs could not have been achieved without the support of our donors.

Funds were given to the following initiatives


Donors committed $1.3 million in support of nursing education. Since being designated a Magnet® hospital, Bayhealth is more committed than ever to making sure our nursing staff is at the top of its game. We offer our nurses extensive financial support to broaden their specialties and better serve patients.


Generous gifts from donors in southern Delaware accounted for $1 million towards this endeavor. When we broke ground on our $300 million facility in Sussex County, donors stood with us. Visit ImagineDE.com to learn more about this game-changing project.


Ramping up care for ICU patients treated at Kent General Hospital Critical Care units reduces complications and mortality and holds down patient length of stay and overall cost.


Hundreds of thousand of dollars were given to help make patients more comfortable and improve their treatment. Among these items were:

  • A liver ultrasound for non-invasive diagnosis of liver fibrosis to detect progression in diseases such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, cirrhosis, and other common liver conditions.
  • A Fujifilm SonoSite Venous Ultrasound for treatment of venous disease of the legs.
  • A SonoSite transducer for use with the existing ultrasound machine in Bayhealth Orthopaedics. The new, smaller transducer supports the most accurate injections into smaller joints.
  • New anesthesia machines provide state-of-the-art care, using the most sophisticated ventilators available in the field. These vital pieces of equipment seamlessly integrate with our new electronic medical record to provide accurate data and to enhance the patient safety environment.
  • For use by our orthopedic surgeon, the fracture table purchased with donated funds provides optimal conditions by placing the patient in the necessary positions to effectively treat their traumas and fractures. This piece of equipment enhances patient recovery and often decreases their length of stay.
  • SonoSite Abdominal Probes were purchased for two critical care units. These devices allow physicians to intervene immediately to provide care to patients at their bedside rather than having to wait to take a critically ill patient to diagnostic imaging. The SonoSite ultrasound machine facilitates patient diagnosis as well as placement of intravascular devices and/or drains. These machines allow us to provide more timely, accurate, and safe patient care.
  • Through donor gifts, the Bayhealth Child Care Center received accessible playground equipment, so that children with disabilities can play without limitations. This adds an important setting for development and age-appropriate activities and for physical exercise and cognitive growth. Most of all, it’s just plain fun for the kids! Every child now has the opportunity to play with, and alongside, others as we accommodate children with disabilities in our playscape environment.
  • The new Infant Security system is the first at Bayhealth to be interfaced with the hospital’s Wi-Fi infrastructure. The system allows us to track and protect infants within the Women’s Services department and throughout the hospital as they travel between departments.
  • Non-invasive bipap machines are used to improve serious deterioration in respiratory status effectively without intubation. This is the best option for reducing the need for intubation, which in turn reduces infections, pneumonia and mortality. These bipaps have advanced breath delivery technology that adapts to the needs of each individual patient. Patients are still able to actively communicate and have their breathing supported in a much more comfortable manner.
  • An echo ultrasound for Bayhealth Cardiology was purchased. This is a technologically advanced machine that provides optimal imaging for our neonatal, pediatric and adult populations. It is also used for our new Trans Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) program to identify aortic valve stenosis and evaluate the post-operative surgical procedure.
  • Three new mechanical ventilators are used to assist or replace spontaneous breathing. Our purchase of the Puritan Bennett 980 ventilators allow us to have innovative breath technology with advanced synchrony tools that best mimics a more natural breathing pattern for the patient. Because of these ventilators, we can make patients more comfortable, help them heal faster, and return to normal breathing patterns.


Become a donor and make your gift conveniently online here. For more information or to discuss other ways to donate to the Bayhealth Foundation please contact us.